4 Big Ones from Cae-Sur-A

Ghastly graphic cover art on this one. Blood '08 by Fossils from the Sun actually kinda terrifies me. The music is an exercise in low frequency studies and ritualistic vocalizing. This music evokes secret society cloak & dagger mystery. Hints of feedback balance out the pulsating rivulets of bottom end on what is a very spooky listen.
Riasni Drova Consort's A Still Better Seaward Peep is the biggest question mark of the batch for me. Part acoustic, old world folk, part modern classical. The sounds remind me of the sights & smells of the Italian countryside about two hours outside Rome. Then again...this music could be from Irish castles as it feels equally Celtic. I'm taken away, across the Atlantic with this cassette. A truly odd listen, but one that holds promise for future revisiting sessions.
Like a lost artifact (or arty-fact), April in the Orange's In the Mirror Under the Moon is out of time with its surrounding. The album could've been recorded in the early 70s. It's a fantastic record for the fall (not the spring) too. The music is delightfully rustic with esoteric, grinding electronics atop cabin-worthy acoustic guitar picking. This is a wonderful tape for fans of quiet moods. 
Lefterna's two EPs, Not Here (if Anywhere)/Degradation-Obsession, are contrasting styles that add up to a happy whole. Not necessarily "happy" music, but a sense that the thought behind the music is thorough. The first half is drone meets electro-bleepity bloppity. It dances as much as it evokes darkness. The second EP is pretty much exactly like you would expect from something titled "Degradation Obsession." Loops wax & wane and...degrade. This is a challenging set of recordings for sure.
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