EASYBOY - "Mirror Killer" 7"EP (Spooky Town)

  Brattleboro, VT's Spooky Town Records has been putting out some great releases as of late(i.e. Guerilla Toss)and they've recently supplied me with a new personal obsession, with Easyboy. This five song EP is a fun and addictive listen, and I just can't stop flipping it. Mirror Killer isn't anything grossly profound or groundbreaking, but the songs are honest, the lyrics are humorous without coming off as goofy, and the  music is well crafted. Easyboy creates some terribly catchy electronic pop songs in the vein of Gary War, Devo, OMD, Mac Blackout and other whatever-wavers, with piles of thick synth melodies and driving drum machines. 

  Here's the breakdown. His vocals are heavily treated, soaked in reverb and slightly robotic a times, which is most cases hides an awful voice, but in this case just adds a bit of depth to things, because he can actually sing a tune. The quirky delivery of his decent lyrics hover just above the numerous layers of warm synths and abnormal drum machines, making for a fresh batch of infectious, astral pop tunes. Stellar debut. Fingers crossed for a proper full length, sooner than later. Edition of 300 on black vinyl.Get one directly from Spooky Town here.