Pillars & Tongues - "If Travel is Asked of Me" (Red Frost Industries)

Pillars & Tongues make ambient, electronic song music. They should be working on a soundtrack to grainy, B&W footage of Russia or our current American recession. This is somber stuff, but not depressing. For all the floaty synths, it seems grounded in the real. If Travel is Asked of Me is focused and thoughtful in its construction. According to Red Frost Industries:

"[The album] is in some ways an entirely new work, and in other ways a collection of old songs. Of the five tracks, three are newly recorded versions of songs that appeared previously on last year's full-length release, 'The Pass and Crossings'. The album also features two entirely new tracks, comprised primarily of duo and trio improvisations that have been given shape largely by the band's new member, Ben Babbitt...Babbitt's contribution to these songs is significant as well-- the songs slowly evolved with months and months of touring, following bends in roads, aging with the seasons, and changing positions with the touch of new hands." 

I certainly feel this tape is worth listening to as it is deeper (at least in my mind's ear) than most ambient works. The lyrics and voice work well in tandem with the music. I have a feeling I'll get more out of this album with further plays.

Finally, the artwork is calming. Maybe it's just me...I need to stare into the void that is the geometric abyss on the album cover. I'm not repelled, but brought in. I look forward to more work from both label and band.

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