Daniel Fromberg - "self-titled" (Teen River)

Prodigy kid with guitar from Chicago 'burbs records quality instrumental pop/rock before the age of tween.

There's the synopsis of Daniel Fromberg's brief music career so far. The youngster clearly loves traditional pop/rock forms and his abilities will be something to watch as he ages. I assume right now he's being helped out by collaborators to produce the top quality music, but it doesn't matter 'cause it makes for good listening. On his self-titled tape, put out by Teen River, Fromberg (along with Phil Sheaff) shows off a precocious knowledge of everything from classic rock to Elephant 6 style homemade sounds. Pleasing all around listen, but I bet in ten years these recordings will seem very much like the sketches they are. Fromberg will hopefully continue to grow as a musician and composer and one day hit us all with a great pop masterpiece! Right now the tree of song is growing, waiting to reach full maturity.

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