Sissysocks - "Bloodied" and "Because We Have Things in Common" (Sabolek)

One's mind can become lost tracing the sounds of the latest ambient music cassette. There is a certain electronic mayhem that covers my walls with wild waves. I can't define it, but I'm overwhelmed by the clatter - visually as much as aurally. It seems like I'm constantly moving in slow motion. Perhaps I've listened to one too many ambient tapes?

Melbourne's Sissysocks has released two archival albums worth of drifting analog bliss on his own Sabolek label. Because We Have Things in Common is comprised of material recorded between 2009-2010 and Bloodied is a reissue of a set originally released by Totem Tapes which has music from 2008-2010. Both albums have spooky moments (Bloodied more so) and beautiful high tides (Because...more so). There is a lo-fi feel to these brews, but never anything sloppy comes through the speakers. It all seems to be performed with a clear goal in sight...I can't tell you what that goal is I supposed to check the attic for ghosts? All in all (with the exception of artwork which I don't care for) these are good spools of audio fibers.

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