Horaflora, the long running project of Oakland, CA's Raub Roy, has been confusing and astounding folks up and down both coasts for a number of years with his objects and electronics live acts, but his recent vinyl releases (a 7" with Bromp Treb, a 12" Secret Boyfriend and a full length LP) have really put his music in a new context for me.  Taken in as pure audio, these dense artifacts taken on the proportions of a trek through uncharted sound worlds full of wild and strange creatures creeping through mists and cackling incantations.

Start here for a small size of the Horaflora Soundsystem b/w Fat Worm of Error's rhythmic ace Neel Young

Who's her secret boyfriend? Why he's the master of all things unholy round Chapel Hill, NC

The Gland Canyon is a cassette on Raub Roy's new Weird Ear Records where you'll get to take an extended dive, or mule ride, through his sound:

Horaflora's new LP "Craterellus Cornucopioides" is named after an edible mushroom, and what a tasty treat it is! You'll surely want to sample this platter on wax.  Horaflora-"Trumpet of Death". Purchase from Weirdo Records.