Babelfishh - Howl Bender c32 (I Had An Accident Records)

Babelfishh is Scott Huber, an MC from Houston, Texas. He tours extensively throughout Europe with the likes of Oskar Ohlson, James Reindeer, and other amazing beat producers. He is a prolific writer with the ability to build strange terror brewed lyrical awakenings. September appears to be a busy month with a collaboration 10” release with Oskar Ohlson on Sept. 10th on Knertz and Howl Bender, the latest solo effort on I had An Accident Records. Part of the oddity 667 crew, Howl Bender produces extremely heavy thrash metal riffs paired nicely with slamming beats and this rasping lyrical assault. The opening track just bangs hard right out the door. I’m listening to this thinking do I call this hip hop, noise, or thrash metal. I’m banging my head and looking around me to see what everyone else is doing. I don’t know how to play along. This is intense. I haven’t heard such a unique blend that is so fitting I wonder why I wouldn’t have thought of it before. These tracks move together with smooth transitions and small field recording and spoken word pieces laced into the inner workings. I love the sound of Huber’s voice. Its raw but poetic in a gutted sense. It bounces hard against the banging drumming sounds and the slamming metal riffs, it just belongs right where it is.

I imagine Huber sitting in a garage somewhere, like this is some revivalistic garage hip hop. Underground at its core. A laborer forced to get his hands dirty and after a day of working in filth he unwinds by grabbing a 6-pack of PBR and starts the war. An assault on the mic and a hard hitting beat producer. Spawning feelings of visual reliance, an urban brawl, blistering in the blazing heat of Houston. Everyone is irritated by the everlasting summer sun and the humid stench of air relentless in the evening as mosquitos the size of horse flies surround your ears, get up in your face, that buzzing noise, the turning of the television, fumbling in the dark, the tortured soul. With everybody passed out on the floor, there is some real interesting situations you never want to be part of - Howl bender is the beast within, rolling through your soul and vibrating your vocal chords. Howl Bender is the psychotic neighbor killing squirells in his basement. The skull collection is limited to 100 copies on rust colored tapes - deeply weathered thoughts, just builds quick, and a letting loose. Release the demons and check this album out