"Here's A Mirror" C29 (Leopard Shepherd)

What I've got here is a cassette by a defunct Burlington, VT duo called Spacemen Saturday Night.  I got this in Nashville, Tennessee while on tour and just finished listening to it for the first time.  I've got to say, what I just heard completely floored me. It looks like Becca Capers Hill is a homespun Kate Bush, but one fueled by the same strange melodic fire of her fellow Lake Champlain weirdos Son of Salami, Ryan Power and Lawrence Welks.  Hill's bell-like voice sit's comfortably atop simple keyboard, guitar and drum machine arrangements.  Comparison's could be made to southern Vermont's Blanche Blanche Blanche as well. Naive, yet cool. The male vocalist in this band has got more of a Vaselines/Jonathan Richmond thing going on, which I can handle when it's in harmony with the female vocal.  Thankfully, he mostly stays out of the picture and she really get's to shine.  I'm anxious to hear what Ms. Hill comes up with next.  Anyway, can you handle something this cute? I sure could. This release is really worthwhile.