“In Chaos” C60

Chiraq’s Cinchel has been a stalwart ambient-drone guitarist for the better part of forever…or at least, like, a decade’s worth of moody-modulating worry/fuckit-scapes…and each and every goddamn one of his releases are truly stellar, in their own right.

As a longtime fan of Stars of the Lid, Bre’r, Windy & Carl, & the likes, I am always a-squeal-with-delight in seeing a Cinchel tape up for grabs at places like Econo Jam Records in Oakland, CA, or Skeleton Dust in Dayton, OH; & it cannot be understated that, despite the degree of melancholic/dissonant intensity, whatever emotional gestalt that Cinchel is working towards cobbling together, the entirety of his output is always mesmerizing and dizzying, no bones about it.

Rejoice in drone, get lost in tone, be host to unknown chords vying for reverberation within you. Cinchel plays the rever(b)s/e-exorcist; you be the vessel in headphones, & fight the good fight. 

— Jacob An Kittenplan