“Y Côd Da Vinci” C47
(Strategic Tape Reserve)

We all have that friend who smokes too much weed and likes to come up with fantastical ideas; write a POV telenovella of two fax machines who fall in love from across the office, stage a protest against bibles being sold at the local dollar store, start a pop-up where only left-over burrito-butts are served, the compensation for which only half-used hot sauce bottles are accepted, ad infinitum.

Well, Strategic Tape Reserve puts their chromium where their mouth is! What other label has released concept albums dedicated to facilitating Urban Pole Walking, Mini-Market Museums, and “…standardiz[ing] low-input production methods for generating asymmetrical rhythms with military applications…”* and now this, an electronica interpretation of the Da Vinci Code, narrated in Welsh.

Relax. It isn’t just a cold read of the best-selling murder-mystery, but a SURVIVE/StrangerThings-esque soundtrack that’s every bit as mysterious and thrilling, but also a tad spookier, given it employs haunting choral accents and noisy flare-ups. 

As with ANY STR release, you really gotta read the bio on this one. The press-kit writer over there is a goddamn genius and I truly drool whenever I read their copy. Click on the Bandcamp link below and get blown away!


— Jacob An Kittenplan

*as lifted off the STR Bancamp bio for their “Efficient Processes for Synthetic Funk” release