“The Gnome’s Pond” C44
(Cosmic Winnetou)

To anyone who has ever had the pleasure of helicoptering those colossal bendy-straws above your head, this “Gnome's Pond” is for you. Those blissfully unwieldy, wayward overtonal warbles of windex streak, hot tire squeal, and taxed refrigerator hum all meld as one here to form an (inter)stellar miasmic Oort-ghost that intermittently haunts these space-folk/acid-fried jam/feedback sessions, alongside destructo-distortion mayhem, sleepy pond soundscapes, harmonium, mbira, steel-string pluckery, and intentional interference.

Navel’s “The Gnome's Pond” is, without a doubt, an all-around glorious ritualistic exhortation of human communion with the crepuscular bog song; &I’d venture it’d make for one helluva wake up alarm, no matter one’s initial mood or setting.


— Jacob An Kittenplan