“Thought Texture” C43
(Constellation Tatsu)

With nary a percussive tap to be heard, “Thought Texture”, the most recent Opaline release on Constellation Tatsu, finds us inhabiting the imagination of hyper-conscious stars, observing the cycles and releases of our own orbiting planets, asteroids, and retreating solar winds and neutrinos, these four phenomena all acted out, via synthesizer, in single layers each of swelling drone, synth-twinkle-riff, dramatic flange, and minimalist ploddings, all these rendered arhythmically unbeholden to any one commanding pulse. The gestalt here is that they all translate to their own Thought Textures, to be appreciated in isolation, but also separately processed as a mean of thrilling agitations. 


This is pretty trippy shit, if you’re open to it. Great for art or keeping the sandman at bay during afternoon meditations.


— Jacob An Kittenplan