SOLID STATE ENTITY “Chorea” C40 (Property Materials)

The thing about that snake skeleton is that it suggests movement. Not that particular snake, mind you – again, it’s a skeleton, so movement is probably the last thing on its mind (and it doesn’t even HAVE a mind). But snakes are really all about motion, and all those bones just make me wonder what kind of muscles and nerves and stuff they attached to. Really kind of fascinating. Unbelievable twitch responses in snakes.

“Chorea” is all about movement too – the name suggests involuntary movement, as it is in fact a “nervous system disorder involving repetitive movements or unwanted sounds.” Well, if you’re going to be making low-key techno music or laid-back electronica, then “repetitive movements” are all part of the deal. The unwanted sounds thing – not so much. You’re looking for the opposite of that.

Solid State Entity delivers on the “wanted sounds” – the whole vibe of “Chorea” is murky and tense, like you’re not sure if anything’s going to explode out of it while you’re in the middle of listening to it. It wriggles and writhes like you expect a snake to, anticipating a strike that never comes. Still, it lulls you into a sense of safety – and sure, you’re gonna be fine listening to this – the tics and jolts serving as points of delicious interest. “Chorea” slithers through the night, pulsing and jiving, moving in constant rhythm till the tape flips, then it keeps going.