“CRO$$” C45
(Constellation Tatsu)

It has been rumored* that the process for creating “CRO$$" involved Livingdog and Mike Johnson, in tandem, examining, discussing, internalizing, and then sonically emulating old photographs; and it is through these beautiful acts of collaborative re-imagination that the very spirit of nostalgia is summoned/rendered into wave-form and imbued with sunbleach, patina, worry-ebbed corner, and an insurmountable verklempt-itude that only time-travel or ouija board could possibly cure.

Which is to say that this cassette-shell’d time capsule will consistently make you feel both wistful and benignly haunted for three-quarters of an hour straight. Definitely not an "upper" by any stretch, this tape ought be listened to first if you’re gonna get that most recent CT batch, as the headspace facilitated by both Opaline and Arrowheads tapes* are so astrally-inclined, it’d be hard to stay grounded in any emotional oubliette for long after hearing them. Headphones up!

*you really oughta pore over the inspiring interview by Mountain Xpress in the link below!
**there’s a CD in the batch, too, but this isn’t the CD Gods blog


— Jacob An Kittenplan