“Night Places” C31
(Constellation Tatsu)

Behind the goliathan pulse-stompage of iron bars (perhaps all are one treated grand piano’s lowest, most heaviest coiled string ringing sympathetically?) there paces a seriously pissed off tigress, her gutteral malaise resonant, her worn-down claws ceaselessly wearing away at the rusted floor, perhaps even more than her own digits’ cuticles, in hopes of digging free. "Night Places" opens up with a 12 minute long trespassers' lament* recalling this possible loading dock scenario before flipping to side B and toning down the industrialized, menacing woe in favor of a lighter, housier, less apex-predatory stroll along smokey back alleys and seedy, silhouetted denizens, where the ambiance is equally as thick, just not as dire.

This release by Rose may be a perfect pairing with Curved Light’s offering in Constellation Tatsu’s Winter Batch, as it is its polar opposite in tone and rhythm, yet equally as facilitating of emotionally charged hallucinations. For every one of CL’s shimmering waves, Rose answers with a muted quake of grime and sludge. For the IDM fan that wants more than just to twist & pout, these two tapes are fantastic playing back to back, if not a bit intense.


— Jacob An Kittenplan

*or at least that’s what I envisioned