“ShopLand World: Music for a Discovery Park of Miniature Supermarkets” C81
(Strategic Tape Reserve)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot. Those are "the 4Rs”. 

That first one, “Reduce" is what we’re focusing on here. Right here, right now! We must become smaller, consume less. Not just food. Not just carbon-based things, but oxygen!

You ask any decent Rick Moranis impersonator and they'll attest that you can save a metric FUCK TON on your grocery bill -hell, your carbon FOOT PRINT, en totale!- if you get shrunk…

I must confess. This ecological conscientiousness was not my idea. T’was the STR. They’re always at it, trying to make the world better* for you, me, and us.

Case In Point: “SLW: MDPMS” now hi-lights a sinisterly under-looked option for curtailing the world’s Climate Change problem: If we all could just imagine ourselves fulfilling our shop-til-ya-drawp tendencies in a fancifully tiny (read: “kee-yoot!”) way**, we ought save a few banknotes, easily, right?

&we'd need a seriously devoted team of psychoacoustic/pop technicians to provide this ambiance. Brian Eno solved the Airport problem; STR has the Tiny Mall one figured out before it’ll even be a thang!

&so, take notice: Y’all’re now hereby invited, nay, Dared(!) to listen to this All-Star line-up of selfless socioeconomic composers’ posits on what might be best fitting to pipe through the tiny PA speakers of the mini-mini malls of your mind. Imagine, with your ears big and small, what it’ll feel like to visit dozens, perhaps hundreds, of tiny shopping centers in a single afternoon. STR knows how to facilitate the headspace for that. All you gotta do is muster a li’l focus & listen in.

For the love of Odin, please click on the bandcamp link below and read STRs own ingenious thesis (and ogle the KILLER lineup of ambient/experimental artists who got in) on this comp. This tape ought to make history!


— Jacob An Kittenplan

*but, in all seriousness, they really do ALWAYS lend a perspective that makes this hellish life more bearable, no?
**for even, say, 81 minutes, straight?

PS- some of these tracks are fucking terrifying