FAINS - "s/t" c30 (Scissor Tail Editions)

Short and sweet and full o' sketches, the artist known as Fains (Scotty Griffith), serves up twelve platters of mini's on this self-titled tape. The music here isn't difficult to describe because there isn't a ton that stands out. Electronic key squiggles, spare beats, a splash of noise here and there, some backwards whooshes, and what sounds to me like midi-guitar noodling towards the end of side B - that's all there is to this half hour of glitch jive. In my more cynical moments I wouldn't recommend this album, but I happen to push play when I was exhausted and need a come down cool out. The flow from piece to piece is excellent and I liked the (my perceived) lack of trying with this recording (not to imply shitty sound or apathy). Fains' music doesn't convey heavy themes, he's just making electronic sounds and enjoying his gizmo's. Having perused Fains' label, Scissor Tail, I would like to point out that this young label's cassettes are worth exploring, especially for fans of all kinds of experimental diddlin' and slick art design.

Listen Here.