OLD HAG "Interludes" c45 (Homhomhom)

Another cool tape from a Mainer. Max Citron and his wife are recent transplants to midcoast Maine from the Pacific Northwest. They bake bread and sell it to local food stores and Max makes music on the side. This collection of 12 analog synth studies was acquired on his Old Hag tour, though I'm not sure if it's specifically a recording of that project. While I do find it harder and harder to say anything at all about everyone's bedroom synth jams, I know what I like when I like it, and I like this. The A-side is relatively easy going to start, but ominousness slowly creeps in. By the first cut on the B-side a deeply fucked up guitar enters into the mix and I'm in creepball heaven! From there, the guitar goes back in it's case again, but the whole tape continues to have a gently twisted feel. Comes in a hand etched plastic case with a bunch of hair and roots as for a J-card. Looks like you can only download it now, so give it a shot.  I guess the only thing I would say to Max is, "more axe damage please."

Check out Max's awesome webpage here. This link here is for the audio of the tape in question.

And lookie here at this:

Solar Panel Optical Feedback from homhomhom on Vimeo.