TRAILBLAZER "Trailblazer" c20? [Eggy]

I don't know anything about this Trailblazer other than the project also had a tape on Night People awhile ago. The name is kind of ironic; Trailblazer really doesn't blaze any trails. The material here hails directly from Joy Division, Suicide and more recent home-recorded acts like Blank Dogs. That said, this stuff is still good.
A basic drum machine track pushes each tune along while the Blazer rips out fuzzy, reverb-saturated organ and guitar melodies. There's a good dose of Suicide-esque delay-feedback too.
All of the info given is "Side A: Killer Jams Side B: Killerer Jams" which sort of makes sense as all tracks feel like variations on a theme rather than clearly defined compositions of their own. Certain tracks do stand out such as the second "killer jam" which features a hint of totally dig-able 80s dance bombast.
Each track has a really simple but solid structure that's thoroughly smeared by a bevy of sloshed effects, with each track generally featuring a key riff or melody that pops up halfway through. Like I said it's nothing you haven't heard before, yet it's a lot of fun to listen to. For fans of home-made post-punk and/or harmonious music in a noisy shell.
Another solid and listenable entry in the Eggy catalog.