"Melted Rings: A Stack of Tracks 2007-2011
Dirty Pillows) GUEST REVIEW

As promised, here is the first of many guest reviews that I'll be posting on the blog. This one is by Tucker White of Salt Lake City Utah - ed.

Well howdy doodie, tootie fruity. This is some fun stuff. Nice lofi garage pop from the hubby 'n wifey duo out of the good ol' FLA. They bust out some real groovin'/catchy
jams in a bluesy punk kind of way. Waylon breaks out some really great vocal melodies that almost sound like the cramps or something at times. I mean you've definitely heard this type of music/sound more than a couple of times before but they pull it off in such a fun way that it doesn't really matter if it's not a "new sound" or whatever people are calling that sort of thing. Listening to it now in my bedroom, all alone, late at night, with a 40oz of Old Milwaukee that's nearly empty, really makes me want to go out skateboarding around town, in the sun, while bumping this tape full god-damn blast on my glitchy-ass walkman. The qualilty of these recordings (which are compiled from 9 different releases) work perfectly with the sound these guys have going for them. It's all dirty and muddy but it's more like a mudslide pie or something that tastes all nice and sweet and delicious. These tunes are bound to put you in a good mood. They makes me want to skateboard all the way down to the pie shop and get a huge piece of mudslide pie. but I can't on account of the hour. That and I don't even know if there's a pie shop around here. But that's what this tape makes me want to do. So if skateboarding and eating mudslide pie sounds like a grand old time to you then you should pick up this tape pop it in your (hopefully unglitchy) walkman or ghetto-blaster and skateboard your ass down to the pie shop. And you should probably pick up a 40oz of your favorite booze on the way; while you're at it.

Cheers to you, Waylon and Meggy this last swig's for you.

Find it here