Guest Review III: Dave Smolen and hair_loss

Here's the second review. Hope it works and let me know if you need/want more help with reviews in the future.


METASPLICE "MS I/II" (Injections ltd.)

Alrighty so what we have here is a new collaboration between Dave Smolen and hair_loss. The cassette starts out with some slower moving drones and deep beats as other worldly noises come out through the tape hiss. Then it starts getting faster and noisier as more waves of noise come in. There is a lot going on on this tape; I've listened to it 3 times now in order to get a good feel of it and every time I put it on I notice something new happening in every track. Lots of really cool beats swirling around each other all of the time while new sounds come through and create a really nice grooves and shit that you can sort of nod along to before you become enraptured by the mass amount of sound that are vibrating into your ear drums. Sometimes it sounds like I am listening to a really fast-paced sci-fi movie full of aliens that are in a dance club somewhere on another planet. Some of the sounds these guys are making have a mysterious feel to them like the waters of the deep or outer space or the twilite zone type thing. It's like if David Lynch's twin peaks was more like SKINS this could be the soundtrack.

The packaging on this baby also holds some mystery, a blue tape and blue j-card with nothing but a 35mm splice of film glued to the inside flap. Very simple packaging for an anything but simple collection of tunes.



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