JEFF REHNLUND "Gangham Attic" c30 (oms-b)

This is an excellent collection of brittle sounding field recordings of South Korean traditional music captured by experimental musician Jeff Rehnlund, who is a current resident of the United Kingdom. It's a companion piece to Jeff's Gangham Basement LP released in 2009 on the amazing Hot Releases imprint (they've also done an LP of Jeff's original music called Smoke From The Mirror). The recordings are edited with an ear for the other worldly sounds of reeds voices and drums. This is sure to appeal to fans of the Master Musicians of Joujouka or the more gritty Sublime Frequencies releases. If you've never heard the music of this region before, you're in for a treat. Despite it's often piercing pitches and clangorous percussion, it can be quick to put you into a trance. Pro-dubbed with color J-cards in an edition of 100 tapes.

pick it up here. Highly recommended.