Rat Bite - "Two Teeth" (Aborted Society Records)

Alright pit chil'ren...gather 'round, an old man is speaking...Fuck YOU! I aint old. Who ya callin' old? 

Rat Bite, from the hud money gloom of Seattle, have a new cassette out on Aborted Society Records titled Two Teeth. The band calls this six song mania collection "demos," but I say NO - this is a finished product. What the hell else could be added to it? When I was a kid I could've bought this at K-Mart...maybe...or more likely a M&P record store that stocked cassettes from independents. Rat Bite are one part guitar mag metal riffers and one part old fashioned punkers (melodically cartoons, but "Moss Shrine" is a damn fine sing along). On the tunes where RB feature bass player Mary Holly as co-vocalist I heard the offspring of X coming through my speakers. It would be great to hear more of this, as one angry dude barking is as tired as opera (I still like both however). Eh, bottom line...average amped up tatted sweaty yelping thrash hounds=Rat Bite.  Plague not included.

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