2 X Lava Church

Praise ye who enter, for it is a sacred scene...when entering the Lava Church that is. This Sarasota, FL based label is cool flowing eclectica. A deep catalog of experimental/ambient/noise releases have sprung from LC and right off the bat I would encourage those of you devoted to left of normie music to check 'em and skim through the variety. The two titles I have in hand are wildly opposite spectrum thangs. 

First up is a split by Lovbrrd and Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge which on its own offers plenty of bang for a buck. Lovebrrd's "Coasting" is a mangy dog of answering machine loops, radio signals, crusty abrasions, and a tad bit of our friend Casio. Good stuff. Su Sous...'s half is a unique ADD mix of noise and pleasant (almost danceable) groove music. The two extremes work better together than I would have thought, so bravo! Finally, this piece's title is classic, "Margo Darling at the Treasure Island Funk Center." I wanna go!

The other tape I have with me, David DeCorte's Meditating in the Floodwaters, isn't jumpy at all. It is a twenty minute float in the clear (mysterious) waters of one's mind. I got lost in my thoughts whilst bobbing in this H2O. The work is a sustained bit of synth ambience for those into that inner world journey. Lava Church's tapes are well-designed and packaged. I especially like the A-side/B-side labels inserted inside the cassette. Nice touch!


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