Raw Thug - "Black Walmart" (Loin Seepage)

In my year or so of posting reviews to this great cassette label resource I've had the pleasure of receiving a RUN THE GAMUT assortment of tapes from folks all over the world. I've gotten sharpie scrawled TDK lo-fi shoulder shrug music and I've gotten as professional a packaging as I ever remember buying up as a kid at K-Mart, but I've never gotten a tape in a sock until now. Loin Seepage is a new label to me (and thankfully I've never experienced actual seeping!) and damn if I'm not surprised by the presentation. The artist is Raw Thug (I presume) and the album is titled Black Walmart. The sock came in a red paperback by the way...see image...anyway, the music is of the concrete stylie, with voice chatter loops, sirens, general clang, some musical instruments (sax, drums, keys), you name it all whizzing and circling 'round. Kind of sorta very JOHN & YOKO...minus the nude cover art. I like this shit, but its certainly meant for a limited audience. Oh, and thanks for the socks!