Thursday, February 21, 2013

Banana Pill - s/t - Full of Nothing

Shit, did I format this correctly? Are we on the air? Fuck man ...

OK, Full of Nothing = near-perfection of the tape artform, slinging longform experimental productions straight-outta Russia by weirdites like Polypus Acephalous and M. Geddes Gengras. Banana Pill are worthy successors to the FoN kingdom, forming basic elements like string drones and guitar higgelty-piggelty into odd, strangely tense drones that spin around like tornadoes and shoot the legs off cows (if you're into Battlefield Earth).

A bit like Plankton Wat if you're keeping track, but definitely perched on a ledge all their own, Banana Pill slowly dissolve into your bloodstream and won't be leaving anytime soon. It's not that the guitar is earth-shattering by any means; it's more what they do once the riffs are established that will cause you to keep listening inventively. At one with the tribe, I pass into the shadow world ...

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