3 X Haute Magie

Back for more dabbling in the diabolic darkness with the vaguely occultish cinema music released by Austin's Haute Magie label...I've got three cassettes staring at me, asking for air time...can I handle the nouveau relica? First up is the debut album by The Blood Wisdom, Fall/Rise (The Twin Inside). This is heavy rock - not metal or anything like a genre would fully embrace - but just HEAVY vibe, bleak atmospheres...I'm intrigued by the use of organ lines, acoustics, and pure electronic production built around menacing guitar riffs and delicately "alternative" vocal melodies. Score! 

Next is Bathaus' Bastien, which is exciting for me because I really enjoyed the last offering from the B. This cut-up, electro-sampledelic tape is another top notch collection. I'm an admitted fan, but fans of the electronic arts should dive into this cassette soon. Finally, I have OObe's Delphi to digest, then I'm done for the evening...more darkly dance&paste electronic music. Different from Bathaus for sure, but working on a level similar to my ears...hallucinatory passages and steady beats. By now I know that Haute Magie is a label that cares a great deal about putting out well-designed and adventurous tapes. The artists are going to give you something to talk about...so sample some of the releases above, you will likely find more than just a few quality jams.

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