(Cookies N' Cream)

Cookies N' Cream Records

The first song includes line "Tripping on a sunday, turned into a snowflake". Okay, duly noted. Stupid? Give it time.  Its hard not to quote, and ultimately like, this band. A deep, Bowie-esque voice through some kind of delay and queasy shiny guitar seem to be the only tools utilized at first. A drum machine kicks in on the 3rd piece 'Song for America (Fuck You)', the deep vox continue with some live psychedelic effects. "I love this country and I love all the people except you and you and guys all suck, you fucking pieces of shit." Song #4, 'Saved by the Smell', and I'm thoroughly appreciating the sense of humor of this album...John Maus/Ariel Pink are definitely an influence on some of the sounds and the silliness, the drug humor, the dramatic singing. Its a bit shapeless at times- but some days you prefer a marshmallow that's melting into a creamy froth on top of the hot chocolate. Second side keeps rocking the drifty waltzes through twin infinite scrims with sudden stoned inspirations. There is a song called 'Starving Vampire in a Post Apocalyptic World' and the cover depicts a ring of cherubs cavorting around a guillotine.