Existentia Cicada - S/T (Swan City Sounds)

When you get into the thick of it, Existentia Cicada’s self titled release out on Swan City Sounds is a pit. The listener gets lost in the loop, and the fragmented memories of this tape seem to buzz in harmony much like Cicadas might.

Guitar noodling and bedroom pop vibes reminiscent of Atlas Sound and early Teadorra Nikolava recordings are present on this little ripper and the overall aura of this opaque orange magnetic box is pleasant. This work resides somewhere between unfishined and not fully realized though. This feels more like a collection of the aftermath rather than a singles and rarities work. So if you are ready for some real meditation you will need it to fully understand where this work is going.

This stuff is nice to listen to while multi tasking and worth your time if you have some to give. Pop sensibilities are there but put away, and Cicada bumbles along as he sheds his skin. It’s spring all the time, let the lenses flare, and the cold beers pop open. 

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