(Already Dead Tapes)

Goddamn this tape is a good fucking time! 90’s Gainesville ‘Emo’ (think Clairmel) meets the alterna-grunge-y goodness of bands like Dinosaur Jr and the Toadies. Yes, the Toadies (no, not that goddamn radio hit). And Pavement. It’s like the high school mixtapes we used to trade, but with one band covering all the upbeat songs. Tons of driving bass lines, distorted guitar chords, Beach Boys-esque backing vocals along with lead ones that sincerely ooze ‘aww-man-fuckit-this-is-how-I-feel-man’.

Comfort food for the ears, really. If I still lived in the Midwest, these chaps’d be playing my living room four times a year.


- - Jacob An Kittenplan