SCRABBLED “Live” (Albert’s Basement)

Being Australia’s third largest city isn’t enough to get Brisbane out of the shadow of Sydney or Melbourne. While it might not have that fancy opera house or the Eureka Skydeck, Brisbane does have Scrabbled. Fans of garage pop might want to bypass those other two cities and catch one of their shows. “Live” takes audio from a few different sets. Sixteen people played or guested on the album. It’s hard to tell who is who. The only one I could really make out was Bek Moore. Moore sings about topics such as junkies, how cops all look like eggs, and a shit-for-brains kid who plays video games then eats spinach from the fridge instead of stealing the alcohol. All around good stuff.

Will Scrabbled tourism be enough to push Brisbane over the top? Only time will tell. Until then check it out in the link below.

-- Roy Blumenfeld