At the risk of sounding like a complete asshole (read: myself), I’m going to share with you the revelation I came to when asking myself, “Now, why in the hell would someone make yet another surf-rock tape?” The answer is this: these guys are not only technically smooth (which is like 90% of why surf-rock exists, right, because it’s fun and challenging to play scales?), but they manage to make me think of the goddamn Gin Blossoms. Seriously, there’s something in the tone of the guitar and the saccharine arpeggios being danced around upon that scream ALLISON ROAD! I know that, for many, this may be a turn off, but, for me, it’s a saving grace, and sure beats another straight up Ventures knock-off. I bet this tape’ll sound even better after a few years of warble on a Mid-western dashboard.

- - Jacob An Kittenplan