“Sei/Ci” C32
(Wood Between Worlds)

So, after all these years, what I’d once suspected might be some serial killer/sodomy cult movement turns out to actually be a hip, new-fangled electronic music/hip-hop sub-genre: “Chopped & Screwed”

Well, Rorqual sure as shit doesn’t sound like hip-hop, but more like what an over-dosed loved one’s inner organs might sound like when shutting down due to the insufficiently oxygenated blood flow. And, like, cyborgs’ innards, too, or something.

From what I can see, this non-fetish/sub-genre allows for some really weird/gross bassy textures that are only conjured by the electronic slowing down of samples…and these loops created afterwards keep bringing my mind back to the ugly organic rhythms of decay/mortality. Maybe it’s all Hallow’s Eve talking, tonight, but this collection of “beats” feels much more like an arrangement of repeated death throes, recorded from inside the old breadbox. I both like and am kinda scared of it.

Do yourself a favor/curse and listen with headphones all the way through, otherwise you’re just wasting your time. This is serious meditation/life-assessment shit here, and well worth repeated listening. Thank you Wood Between Worlds!


- - Jacob An Kittenplan