Mystery is often inherent with tape labels. It would seem at least double that for those issuing
very limited edition electronic music tapes. This one certainly falls in line in this respect. A Google search of label Hyle Tapes took me to a one page website which in turn led me to  Facebook and Bandcamp pages. Nothing unusual with that, except nowhere did I learn anything more about African Ghost Valley than the tape itself offered-which was next to nothing.

So, let the music speak for itself. I'm all for that and sat down to initiate repeated listenings to the four tracks that comprise the offering. I was pleasantly surprised. Pure electronics with a healthy dose of effects enlighten "songs" like "Dunesl Ceremonies" and the title cut. Stylistically, it is clearly cohesive and the music blends well from track to track. An added perc is the quality of the production itself. This tape is very well recorded and sounds great both through my system and headphones.

Flipping the tape brought the real gem here. "Always Eat What You Kill" consumes all of the B side and is a provocative and sometimes challenging listen. The best electronic music serves to do more than provide background drone, which if poorly done it can easily become. This tape and particularly this cut provide everything this genre can hope for. This is, in a nutshell, excellent stuff.

I would be curious to hear a full length album from this outfit, and for that matter, more of the releases from Paris-based Hyle Tapes.

-- Bob Zilli