WAND CARVER “Stood Up” C50
(Hand to Mouth Tapes)

Okay. So, on & off, I’ve spent over two weeks non-stop with this tape, because…well, I know it’s good, but I’ve been having a hard time figuring out WHY exactly. There are no memorable hooks by way of vocals or riffs, but the movement of moods conjured up have continued to captivate me.

Chicken-scratched notes I’ve taken include:
Akron/Family, dreamy, ambient, beach boi, 007, minimal surf-rock vibe, lost in a circus?, the Residents?, lo-fi dance-y now? Now?!, newfuckingORDERNOW?!!!, 90’s black metal intros/outros…with chants, Jerry Garcia’s slow-motion, meandering guitar.

And that was side one, alone. Side two starts off with Ride and Broken Social Scene aesthetics on the first two tracks alone. This is a Nu New Wave Mixtape for the Masses, for sure.


- - Jacob An Kittenplan