(Chaotic Noise)

Hmmm. Here we have Bermuda Triangles. Not one, mind you, but plural. A three piece consisting of Sean Cassidy (saxophone, junk percussion, effects), Jason Hodges (drums, electronic and junk percussion, synth and vocals) and Bill Porter (drums, drum effects, junk percussion, backing vocals) who recorded this seven track tape live, on July 15th, 2015.

This must have been some performance to witness, as Bermuda Triangles is best described as art punk/noise with a heavy dose of attitude. The two percussionists lay down a barrage of beat while the sax and vocals weave in and out owing not just a little to both Devo and late sixties free-form Jazz. Song titles like "Mister Transistor", "Sinkholes" and the title cut allow little hint as to the depth of sinister punk/art that awaits the listener.

Unlike the trap that similar ensembles often fall into, the songs do not all sound alike and with limited instrumentation they manage a captivating soundscape that makes me wish this all-too-short collection would carry on a bit longer.

Interested parties should leap forward to for ordering info.

-- Bob Zilli