“Sky Ridin’/Strange Dream” C60
(Wiener Records)

My old boss said he was fined for renting out his SF garage to someone for use as a bedroom. Bay Area rent has been bat-shit bananananas for a good while now. Thus the trend of all these lo-fi bedroom/psychy-garage tape releases sneaking onto the upper shelves of underground record stores. Jo Kusy’s Pennsylvania offering is no exception, with pre- ‘80s groove for days.

The Wiener Records, fittingly, is a subsidiary of Burger Records (a garage rock mainstay), whereby you can pay them (Wiener) to put out your tape under their label and they’ll distribute a percentage from their online store. This JK sounds like he coulda made the Burger roster on merit alone, but chose a more laissez-faire route. At times, I hear a delightful nod to the Boss’s “Nebraska” album, but, y’know, with lotsa guitar pedals.


- - Jacob An Kittenplan