“Self-Titled” C30
(Fall Break Records)

I’m kinda already in a bad way with one of my roommates, which is why, after waking up 3 hours before I usually do (and welllll before quiet hours are over) I really shouldn’t have attempted to take apart the box spring under my mattress.

In my defense, I thought I was being ninja-smoothe in my deconstruction, but, in an energetic-sleepwalk- after expertly fleecing the BS of its fabric and fabric staples in Record Time- I managed to wriggle loose one of the puzzle-piece-like “springs” from the wooden pallet they’re all stapled to…and it hit the floor…right above aforementioned already-pissy-roomie’s head.

That energetic-sleepwalk is where Dead Neighbors dwell, and they’re pretty much the perfect melding of Husker Du’s drive and Ride’s dreaminess. Stop-on-a-dime drums and bass guitar speedily pave the way while jangly-warbled guitar and vocals non-chalantly color the scenery with the tones of  the 90’s best alterna-shoegazey goodness. Enjoy loudly and often!


- - Jacob An Kittenplan