“It’s In My Backpack”
(Bald Spot Records)

This whole album really makes me long for my high school days. All I ever wanted to listen to in my junior and senior years was old indie rock that made me feel like I was living in the 90s. Don’t ask me why I wanted it to be the 90s, I just did okay?

If I could go back in time and give this album to myself in those days I think I would’ve listened to it until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Plus it would’ve been nice to have something to listen to other than Weezer’s blue album for the thousandth time. This album makes me feel the way I did back when I was 16 and I was discovering The Clean and The Hentchmen. Back when all I wanted was for people to think I was that cool alternative kid who could tell you a million bands that you didn’t know about. Good times.

On another note, while going through the depths of Busters Facebook I found out that they played a show with Carseat Headrest back in May of 2015. I wish I could’ve been at that show. Buster is from Philadelphia. I’ve never been and I don’t plan on going anytime soon. But if Buster ever plays a show in Atlanta, I’ll be in the front row wishing I were still in high school.


-- Garrett Douglas