Come experience the bliss, this is it. Noodly space jams made by the Wandering Mind in his private lair--a room of shadows and twinkling joy and thick flutey basslines and first-rate whimsical loner vibes. The air gets lighter and glowworms fly through. There are lyrics printed for one song, “The Earth”:
“I need the earth

There are lots of people on the earth
There are lots of plants on the earth
Each one is different
Each one is special
In many different colors
and we all started quite small
we all love to play

lets keep it clean

the earth is surrounded by air
we all live on earth and we breathe
we breathe the same air

its fun to feel the air
on your face
you can taste the breeze
you can listen to the wind
clean air is oh so wonderful

I need earth and the earth needs me
I find from day to day that I use the earth to fulfill my needs
I use the earth while the earth waits for me
Waits for me to die so I can lie and decompose

and while I rot I hold
that picture in  my heart”

Our exceptional one-man-band is a charming mumbler when he gets on the mic, so having the lyrics printed here adds to my enjoyment considerably.  This tape is excellent, oozing with sticky keyboard riffs and joy for the soul. The album title refers to a plant that the Aztecs used in death ceremonies and later was smoked by the practitioners of psychedelic visionary experiences; a few seeds in a skull-print baggie are enclosed in the tape package.

-- Kevin Oliver