“Color Quest”
(Afterwards Records)

You know, before I started writing stuff for this website, I was never really a big fan of electronic or ambient music at all. It just all kind of seemed like the same formula to me, but maybe that’s because I never gave it a real shot.

The inside of this cassette’s case is really pretty and this ended up being the first one I listened to out of my new batch of tapes. The first track on the album “Head First” started playing and I absolutely fell in love. I rewound and listened to it a solid 20 times before I actually even got to the rest of the album. It was so simple, but so unique. If I could choose a time and a place for you to listen to that song for the first time it would be driving through the city at 2 am. I love this song.

I love this album. This album made me fall in love with a genre that I’d never been willing to give a chance to. There are only 25 of these tapes in existence so hurry up and buy one before I buy all of the remaining ones.


-- Garrett Douglas