This two-song tape (repeats on side B) comes in an o-card slipcase with a bright, attractive sleeve. The group, which includes OSR alumni Francis Carr, Zachary Phillips, Christina Schneider and features Alexis Graman on the second track, offer up a couple of nifty off kilter pop selections.

I hear guitar and synth along with slightly off-key vocals but not much else in the way of instrumentation.

"Modern Chairs" is my personal pick of the two and it exhibits why the components can work in a pop setting. I'm. Less excited about "Relative Strangers" but must admit it has it pleasures too. The question that kept going through my mind was would I sit through a whole album or a show of this. I can't tell you but I will confess I keep listening to "Modern Chairs" repeatedly. High marks for originality. This borders on outsider music. Eager to hear another two track single.

-- Bob Zilli