"Self Titled" C60
(Shifting Sands Congregation)

First off, kudos to whoever ickified the shell of this tape! You probably can’t see it with the picture, but there’s a dearth of varying textures on the outside, which appropriately sums up the inside’s composition. Both sides of this rad split between experimental composers would fit perfectly over top of the Baraka or –squatsi films, but here’s my thoughts on them individually.

Scriptures side: starts out with warped organ overtop heavily treated field recordings of soaring birds having themselves a grand ol time, then blends into helicopter’d, binaural beats & the music video “Blaze of Glory” by Bon Jovi comes on…or at least that’s the ambiance my mind appoints…which sets up for the remainder of this side, continuously delivering a convincing aural take on mankind’s attempts at dominion over nature through atonal dialogues & taunts.

TS side: plays almost like a mixtape, with equal parts minimalist drone (think Eleh) and mesmerizing avant-garde classical string-bowing (ala Steve Reich). Both are bewitchingly powerful and pair well together in their juxtaposing moods.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan