"Seven of Clubs" C58
(Pidgin Records)

GodDAMN do I love it when an artist takes a tried & true trope & turn it on its ear. For example, Torche took stoner rock, right, and just shoved a molten cone of neon-pink cotton candy right through its heart. In this manner, so to does Ian G. McColm, but with doomy, blackened noise. Think Sutekh Hexen meets Tecumseh…and they go for a giggly skip, hand in hand, through a sunny cemetery.

Lugweight (whose name is right up there with “Ton” as one of the most literal of heavy band names), found on Side B, takes the bright & shineyness away & replaces it with a li’l more speed & riffage, & later on, vocals (and field recordings) that are buried into the overall mix much like Hollow Sunshine’s. Were this tape a cloud, it’d be the Mammatus at neon dawn, for sure.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan