“Raft Recordings from Economy”
(Notice Recordings)

Economy is the name of a place, in Nova Scotia, the place, in fact, where Darcy Spidle was spending a residency (of some sort) and where he also decided to build a raft and make a jaw harp record under his Chik White moniker. It’s not that simple (or as ridiculous as it sounds) – it was pretty industrious of him to build his raft, and he decided to make his recordings while on it in the Bay of Fundy, location of the world’s highest tide. (He also brought some seal bones, eagle feathers, and clam shells, because DUH.) This modern-day Gilligan (you guys get that reference anymore?) would head out, hoping his raft wouldn’t sink, and make music with his hand-made jaw harps, using the lap of water and the surrounding ambience as background for his compositions. Surprisingly listenable for such a strange endeavor, “Raft Recordings from Economy,” while no “Thriller,” is certainly one of the most forward-thinking and natural-sounding releases of its type. Aw, who am I kidding, it IS the “Thriller” of jaw harp records! Topping the charts. But seriously, folks, this tape is beautifully curated, thick cream cardstock with faux woodcut artwork. Looks like a real artifact – gorgeous thing, and as tranquil and natural as it gets.

Notice Recordings

--Ryan Masteller