JOHN FREIDEL “Entrancer” (self-released)

Entranced. I know when I’m being it. Done to me. When it’s happening. Entranced by the sounds in the air. John Freidel has seen at least a couple of BLADE RUNNER movies, and he knows how to be the ENTRANCER, the suggester, the sculptor of the atmosphere. His cinema ear has led him to the synthesizer, and with it he imagines worlds. Who said John Carpenter? Oh, right, I did, I’m the only one here, and surely Carpenter’s disciples are welcome. They’re welcome until they come in here and hypnotize me, leaving me open to suggestion, to entrancement. I’m my own man.


Where was I? Did I type something just now? Peering one line up leads me to believe I’ve been entranced, hypnotized, but Freidel didn’t need to do that. ENTRANCER is a supremely enjoyable listen without a trigger, the only cue needed may be a visual aid, a film that ENTRANCER can play over. Either that or I’ll skulk around to it in the haunted house or the haunted rooftop in the rain, making my own movie version of Freidel’s artistic vision in my head. Like our old pal Yves Malone, Freidel doesn’t seem to be averse to conjuring unrealized narratives through his music. See past release A ROSE IN GLASS for further example. ENTRANCER, though… that one’s a keeper. And the artwork by Evan Hill? Stellar. All around excellent package. ENTRANCER is probably … [eyes glaze, blank stare] ENTRANCER IS THE GREATEST TAPE EVER.

What just happened?

John Friedel

--Ryan Masteller