STILL IMAGE "A Finite Line" C30
(Throne Heap Devotional Music)

A Finite Line C-30 is the debut album of Still Image, headed by musician Shane Church of the bands Hostage Pageant, Crooked Necks and Glass Half among other bands. The album, a brief 30 minutes in length, consists of experimental ambient music that would have been right at home in the psychedelic 1960’s alongside bands like Cromagnon.

The album begins with a series of what I can only describe as predictable noises that start to form a pattern, reminiscent of a washing machine accompanied by a chime, but this eventually transitions into something more melodic. What could be considered the next track or section (it is hard to distinguish where one ends and another begins, thanks to their transitional nature and the cassette format itself) reminds me like a heavy storm, with wind billowing. At this point in the album, I decided it was best to listen to it as a whole rather than search for different tracks to review individually; or alternately, each side of the cassette could be considered a 15-minute track onto itself. Soon enough it was time for Side B; this starts with what sounds like the engine of an airplane going through turbulence, transitioning into sections that are more melodic, albeit static-sounding and filled with background noises.

In all, this album may appeal to a very niche market, but if you are a fan of experimental ambient music this album is sure to offer something new.

-- Suren Oganessian