Stefan Thut & Seth Cooke
“Aussen Raum” C40
(Notice Recordings)

Field recordings of the sounds of water along Bristol’s River Frome. A “realisation of Stefan Thut’s text-based score.” Wander the waterways with Seth Cooke and hear firsthand the actual sounds of a river diverted and its surroundings. Ridicule along with everyone else the water feature built as a monument to the river. I’m laughing at it in my head. It’s so stupid! “Aussen Raum” is clearly a labor of love, academic, stone-faced, serious. Understand the commentary of man’s hubris as he foolishly tries to subvert the will of nature. Listen to him try and succeed in the face of opposition, only to be mocked incessantly! Water continues, water goes on. Such is life.

--Ryan Masteller