“Katrina Stoneheart and the Spookfish”
C45 (Rok Lok)

You puking frog person, this is what you deserve. Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk dude Drew Gibson and other dude Dan Goldberg rip holes in dimensions with their self-titled foray as Katrina Stoneheart and the Spookfish, a name made up of two goddamn unnatural things. The tape is forty-five minutes of bedroom electronic ambience as thick as slabs of beef. Beef slabs thick enough for the tiger adorning the painting on the front of the j-card. It would rip right into those things, just like Gibson and Goldberg rip into whatever rigs they happen to be perched behind on this recording. You puking frog person, get a grip! The drones and tones waver and interact, like multiple radio signals from space getting picked up at once on a high-tech piece of government equipment, forming strange harmonic interactions to the bafflement of scientists. The sounds elicit a physical reaction: disorientation, nausea, or sheer joy, depending on how you’ve managed to tune the internal components of your ears over the years. As if you had the biostructural know-how to do something like that! Besides, “ears” rhymes with “years,” and don’t think KS and the Spookfish didn’t notice that little detail. They’ve probably holed up already in a studio, or an apartment, or a studio apartment, or a basement, or your living room to record the follow-up to this bad boy, so intrigued are they by the current happenings of this review. That’s right puking frog person – the sounds of their next record are coming from INSIDE your house! So is this phone call.

Rok Lok Records
Katrina Stoneheart

--Ryan Masteller