"Sparkling Pieces, Someone" C31

So, there are folx who can “play the room”, and then there are folx like Doctor St. Rain, who truly base their intended output upon the dimensions of the room and what acoustic offerings, specifically FEEDBACK, they can wrangle and manipulate into varying harsh phrases. Doctor’s Train favors the latter. In fact, Doctor Strain, taking much pleasure in what pretty much every sludge band I’ve ever seen live revels in between chord phrasings, they really know how to draw out the in-between, giving microcosmic life to feedback, feeding it back and back and back into the output until its nuances create meta-folklore of their own to interpret.

Suffice it to say, this tape by Doctor Stra In sounds fucking terrible without good headphones and/or a headspace for grating treble. The whisper’d percussion and anti-reverberant vocal lines, as well as a few surprising guitar strums merely break up the headlining feedback into a reframed “song” aesthetic that it so gloriously/sanctimoniously negates/denegrades.

This tape sure as shit ain’t for everyone, but I’d recommend a good, deep listen to anyone interested in microtonal freeform’s relatively punker cousin who just got back from college.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan